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A California Highway Patrol officer ran to save a family of four when their car burst into flames yesterday, leaving them trapped inside.

Dramatic video shows Officer Kaleo Clissold pulling two women and two children out from the burning car as a baby screams in the background.

The officer had followed the family off a Monterey highway after their car started smoking and spitting pieces out onto the ground, witnesses say.

“We heard a thump and I looked back and saw flames,” Jenny Torre, whose mother was driving the car, told The Monterey Herald.

The family pulled into a hotel parking lot, but then found that their back door was stuck.

Clissold raced to unlock the doors and get the kids out of their car seats as the vehicle went up in smoke.

“Get out of the car!” he screamed. “Your car’s on fire!”

As a new dad, his first thought was “‘we just need to get the kids out,’” Clissold later told KSBW-TV .

The family all suffered from smoke inhalation, but are otherwise said to be doing okay.

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