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It's another big election night on Fox News Channel.

Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly will be at the anchors' desk on America's Election Headquarters, starting at 8:00pm ET to bring you the results from four more states. 

Martha MacCallum will analyze the exit polls, while Bill Hemmer takes you inside the results in each state.

Hannity comes your way at 11:00pm ET, assessing the night's winners and losers, followed by a special edition of The Five at midnight. 

On the Republican side, the spotlight race is Michigan, with 59 delegates at stake.

Voters will also head to the polls in Mississippi (40 delegates), Idaho (32 delegates) and Hawaii (19 delegates).

One night after a Fox News town hall forum, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off in Michigan (147 delegates) and Mississippi (36 delegates). 

Clinton leads in the delegate race by a margin of 1,130 to 499, though Sanders won in two of three states on Saturday.

On America's Newsroom this morning, John Roberts took a look at the state of the GOP race and how each candidate is campaigning ahead of tonight's vote. 

Watch the report below and make sure to stay with Fox News today and throughout the night for full coverage of the latest election results. 

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