See the Untold Story Showing Nancy Reagan's Incredible Devotion to Her Husband

Krauthammer on Nancy Reagan: 'She Was a Model of Elegance, Style and Steel'

Greta Van Susteren sat down with Laura Bush in Dallas and asked the former first lady about the life and legacy of another first lady, Nancy Reagan, as well as her new book about Afghan women.

She described the "unique club" of first ladies that she belonged to with Mrs. Reagan, as well as her mother-in-law Barbara Bush.

"There are fewer of us now, with Nancy gone," she said.

Mrs. Bush said "On the Record" that she had a "real friendship" with Mrs. Reagan, and said that she would be remembered for her beauty and devotion to her husband and her country.

"I think they really had a special relationship that was very obvious when you watched them for those years that he was president and since."

Watch the interview above.

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