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A month after winning Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning announced his retirement from the NFL. 

In an emotional address (video above) in Englewood, Colo., Manning - who wore #18 - called it quits after 18 NFL seasons.

The 40-year-old sure-to-be Hall of Famer became choked up at many points during his speech. 

He recalled getting to meet late NFL quarterback Johnny Unitas after a game early in his career. 

"He told me, 'Peyton you stay at it. I'm pulling for you.' Well, I have stayed at it. I've stayed at it for 18 years. And I hope that old Number 19 is up there with his flat-top and maybe his black high-tops on and I hope he knows that I have stayed at it and maybe he's even a little bit proud of me," he said.

Manning's first Super Bowl title came in 2007 with the Indianapolis Colts, who drafted him No. 1 overall in 1998. The Colts gave up on him after a series of neck surgeries forced Manning to miss all of the 2011 season and left him without feeling in the fingertips of his right hand.

A rare superstar quarterback on the open market in 2012, Manning resettled in Denver, where, despite a right arm weakened by nerve damage, he went 50-15 with his fifth MVP award and two trips to the Super Bowl in four seasons.

Manning looked back fondly on the "seemingly little things" that he'll miss in retirement. 

He cited steak dinners at St. Elmo after wins in Indianapolis, setting up plays during the week that resulted in touchdowns on Sunday and calling his brother, Eli, after games.

"I'll miss that handshake with Tom Brady. And I'll miss the plane rides after a big win with 53 teammates standing in the aisles, laughing and celebrating during the whole flight," said Manning, joking that he'll even miss the Patriots fans in Foxborough.

And he concluded the press conference with a very familiar phrase...

Watch the speech above.

(AP contributed to this report)

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