Clinton Calls Sanders 'an Ally': I'm Proud of Our Campaign, Compared to Republicans

Clinton Says She'd Work With GOP: 'Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word'

What did Michigan Democrats think about tonight's Fox News town hall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

Frank Luntz shared the reactions of his focus group on "The Kelly File."

One voter said it was "really powerful" when Bernie Sanders said that "being a human being" made him believe in healthcare as a human right.

"I think it would echo what Pope Francis has been saying about how we need to take care of people more. Instead of building walls we need to build bridges," he said.

Another voter chimed in, saying that Bernie has "the human touch."

"As much as I want to believe Hillary, every time she speaks I'm like 'Yes, yes, Hillary, you're qualified, we know that, but you're lacking that empathy that the Bernie followers feel when he speaks,'" she said.

Another Democrat in the group said: "It just goes along with the trust aspect that Bernie has." 

Watch the wide-ranging reactions above and additional highlights from the town hall below.




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