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Rush Limbaugh said on Fox News Sunday that he believes the Republican establishment will try to stop Donald Trump at the GOP Convention this summer. 

The conservative radio host said that if Trump does not get to 1,237 delegates, the race will become "wide open" at the convention after the first ballot. 

Limbaugh pointed out that there are meetings coming up and that the party can "change the rules whenever they want."

"If they can't stop Trump in the primary process, they will make an effort to stop him at the convention. Governor Romney has pretty much telegraphed it," said Limbaugh, adding if that happens there will be a walkout on the floor in Cleveland and "utter chaos."

But he said that overall, he's confident that the GOP will eventually come together behind the broader effort to stop the Democrats in November.

Limbaugh said that the GOP is having problems in this election cycle because "they're not conservative" and voters are focusing on Trump and Cruz because they're not "attached" to the establishment.

He noted that Trump is doing something "remarkable" this year by putting together the "coalition" that Republicans have said they needed to win the general election.

"And yet look what they're doing. They're trying to get Trump out of the race because they're not in control of it," he said.

Watch the full interview above and hear from Trump tonight on "Hannity" at 10:00pm ET.

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