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Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains confident that there is a path for him to secure the Republican nomination. 

Jenna Lee asked the governor about those who say he's a "spoiler" in the Republican race and argue he cannot win the nomination.

Ahead of tomorrow's primary, one poll found Kasich leading Donald Trump by two points in the state, though others have shown Trump to have a 20-point lead.

Kasich said he'll "do well" in Michigan and will definitely win Ohio's 66 delegates on March 15.

"Maybe they're spoiling it for me. Maybe they all ought to get out. I'm the one with the experience, the know-how, the accomplishments and the record," he said, adding that there is "momentum" behind his campaign, which is now getting more media attention.

Kasich has said that he believes he can win the nomination at a contested GOP convention this summer.

Watch the Happening Now interview above, as Kasich's wife, Karen, also joined the discussion.

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