Judge Nap: 'Hillary Should Be Terrified That Ex-Staffer Was Granted Immunity'

FBI Probes Whether Clinton Aides Shared Passwords to View Classified Info

Judge Napolitano said this morning that he foresees a "horrific Catch-22" coming for Hillary Clinton as the FBI's investigation of her private email server continues. 

Stuart Varney asked the judge to respond to a Democratic lawmaker who claimed this weekend that the investigation of Clinton's emails is closed.

"Congress has looked into it, the Justice Department has looked into it and they've cleared her," said Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas).

Napolitano said he doesn't understand how Democrats can be brushing off the seriousness of the investigation, which he expects will wrap around May. 

He said at that point, he expects that Clinton will be asked to appear for an interview with investigators, leaving her with a "horrific Catch-22."

Napolitano said no lawyer would ever allow their client to appear for such an interview without knowing what the feds know, and the Justice Department won't disclose that information.

"If she refuses to go in for that interview, her opponents will have a field day. [They'll say] wait a minute, you say you're innocent, but you don't want to tell the FBI?' Either way, she loses," he explained.

Last week, Judge Nap said Clinton should be "terrified" after the DOJ granted immunity to the ex-staffer who set up her private server.

"Here's the question she doesn't want to hear him answer: 'Mr Pagliano, how did you migrate secure state secrets into a non-secure venue. Did Mrs. Clinton give you her password?' If the answer is yes, then she's committed another crime," said Napolitano.

Watch his analysis from FBN above and hear from Mrs. Clinton and Bernie Sanders tonight at 6:00pm ET on Fox News Channel in a "Special Report" town hall event.

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