Hillary Clinton: 'Nothing That I Sent or Received Was Marked Classified'

Clinton Says She'd Work With GOP: 'Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word'

Hillary Clinton slammed Republicans in her answer to a question from a 13-year-old boy tonight.

Middle school student Samuel, the youngest questioner at tonight’s Special Report Democratic town hall, asked Clinton what she thinks of Bernie Sanders.

“We have differences, and we are passionate about our positions,” she replied. “We air those differences about issues. Compare that to the Republicans and how they behave.”

“I am very proud of the campaign that Sen. Sanders and I are running,” Clinton continued.

“I certainly consider him to be an ally.”

The former Secretary of State praised Sanders for “the people he has attracted” with “the issues he’s raised.”

Asked by Bret Baier whether she would tap Sanders as a potential vice presidential candidate, Clinton said, “Oh, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Watch the clip above and highlights from tonight's town hall below.

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