Judge Nap: 'Hillary Should Be Terrified That Ex-Staffer Was Granted Immunity'

FBI Probes Whether Clinton Aides Shared Passwords to View Classified Info

Judge Nap: Hillary Will Face 'Horrific Catch-22' When Email Probe Ends

At last night's Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton sidestepped a question about the investigation into her private email server by saying it's just Republicans attacking her.

Ed Henry said today that it's a good bet that Clinton will be pressed on the matter by Bret Baier in a Fox News town hall event tonight at 6:00pm ET.

Henry pointed out that on "Face the Nation" yesterday, Clinton said she was "delighted" that Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department staffer who helped set up her private email server, was granted immunity by the FBI and is cooperating with the investigation.

"I think that we'll be moving toward a resolution of this," Clinton told John Dickerson.

Henry said that those comments and the recent developments in the case are likely to come up at tonight's town hall.

"Remember, Hillary Clinton has not been on Fox in two years, so this is a chance, really, for Bret to ask her some questions," Henry said, adding that this event takes on extra importance as Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign in Michigan ahead of tomorrow's primary.

He revealed that Clinton currently holds a 57-40 over Sanders in Michigan, according to the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

He said that's particularly great news for Clinton, because if Sanders' message about the middle class and income inequality doesn't resonate in a state like Michigan, which has been devastated by lost manufacturing jobs, then the Vermont senator is facing a major uphill battle. 

Watch more above and see Clinton and Sanders tonight at 6:00pm ET on Fox News Channel in a "Special Report" town hall event.

Plus, watch Clinton's full "Face the Nation" interview below.

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