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A brokered Republican National Convention would be a devastating "bloodbath" for the GOP, Andrea Tantaros said on "Outnumbered" today.

She explained that there is such division between the GOP establishment and front-runner Donald Trump that party elites may do everything possible to get a different nominee, which would splinter the Republican base.

"People are so fired up, it's so nasty, it's different," Tantaros said. "I've never seen ... an establishment try and railroad the front-runner out in this way."

John Bolton said that Republican voters across the country want to vote on the nominee, as opposed to the establishment "parachuting" someone like Mitt Romney in at the convention.

Tantaros agreed with Rush Limbaugh's assessment that it would be "utter chaos" if the establishment tries to stop Trump at the convention.

"Dropping Mitt Romney - literally a loser, a losing candidate - into this race would be more chaotic than anything else we've seen up until this point."

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