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UPDATE: Since this story first aired, the volunteer firefighters have been reinstated.

(Original story below)

Two Virginia volunteer firefighters have been suspended for taking a little girl to the hospital in a fire truck.

Capt. James Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom are volunteer responders with the fire department in Fredericksburg.

They responded to a call near a local McDonald’s after a man reported that his 18-month-old daughter was having a seizure.  

Capt. Kelley said that as soon as he saw the girl, he turned and looked at his driver.

“She was completely limp and flaccid,” he told Fox 5 DC. “Without any hesitation, I said, ‘we’re going to the hospital.’”

Kelley said that he didn’t know if paramedics would get there in time, because a previous call location for the nearest medic suggested it would be another 10 to 15 minutes. 

The girl’s father says she is now doing fine. He called the firefighters heroes for saving his daughter’s life.

“As a parent, you feel extremely helpless to be unable to assist the most important person in the world (your child) during such a time of emergency,” Brian Nunamaker wrote to Fox 5.

“The eternity of waiting for help to arrive was surprisingly non-existent in this situation.  I was surprised at how quickly help had arrived in the form of a fire truck.”

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