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TUNE IN: Clinton to Join Sanders at 'Special Report' Town Hall on Monday

Maria Bartiromo weighed in on Hillary Clinton's tax plan on Sunday, calling the proposals a significant shift from “her husband’s economic policies … to the far left.”

“I don’t really see this as a jobs plan,” said the Sunday Morning Futures host.

“You’ve got all of these things that are tax-related, but nothing really actually encouraging companies to stay here and create jobs."

Sanders’ run for the nomination has been significant for Clinton in that way, she noted.

"He’s pushing her so much to the left,” said Bartiromo.

“She’s absolutely buying into the Obama administration, and reiterating that anytime she can.”

The two Democratic contenders will face off tomorrow at a Special Report town hall, hosted in Detroit by Fox News' Bret Baier.

Clinton and Sanders will take questions in front of an audience of Michigan voters just one day before the state’s crucial primary.

Watch more below, and tune in to Fox News Channel on Monday at 6 pm ET!


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