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Donald Trump doubled down on his calls for Marco Rubio to leave the presidential race on Sunday, calling the Florida senator “the loser, without question” in the previous night’s GOP state contests.

Trump won the Kentucky caucus and Louisiana primary last night, while Cruz picked up victories in the Kansas and Maine caucuses.

“I would like to face Ted,” Trump said on Fox and Friends Weekend.“It cleans it up.”

The GOP front-runner explained that he doesn’t believe Cruz would “do very well” in "many" upcoming states, such as New York, New Jersey and California.

But “the loser of the evening was Marco Rubio. He was the loser, without question,” said Trump. “I was actually surprised to see how badly he did.”

Looking back on Super Saturday, Trump again praised the “great enthusiasm” and increased voter turnout being seen around the country, calling it “a tremendous asset” for the GOP.

“I hope the Republicans don’t take that asset and throw it out the window,” he said.

Watch Trump’s full interview, above.

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