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When two men jumped the counter of a CVS in Maryland this week, store manager Joe Morici wasn’t about to sit by and let that happen.

Morici, a U.S. military veteran, sprang into action and immediately ran downstairs. He directed an employee to call 911, and proceeded to bravely take on the two robbers.

Instead of thanking him, however, CVS told the former sergeant he was fired, citing company policy.

Morici recounted the incident on Fox and Friends Weekend, describing how the men had tried to steal prescription drugs.

One had even been armed with “a large screwdriver” and tried to hit him with it, he said.

Morici managed to chase the robbers out to the entrance, where he pinned one of the men against the door while disarming the other of his weapon.

“It’s split-second decision making,” he said. “I reverted back to, you know, my military training.”

The veteran said that while he understands the policy, he wouldn’t have done anything differently if the same thing were to happen again.

Since then, Morici has been getting an outpour of requests for job interviews, and is now applying for jobs in law enforcement, he said. 

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