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Sen. Marco Rubio reacted this morning to last night's GOP debate, expressing amazement that Donald Trump refuses to answer policy questions. 

He criticized Trump for repeatedly launching personal attacks after he's challenged on substantive issues or policy positions.

"This is nuts," he said, adding that the GOP is in a "tough position" right now because "65 percent" of the party does not want Trump as the nominee.

Despite only winning one state contest so far, Rubio said he's been picking up delegates steadily and can close the gap significantly by winning Florida on March 15.

He said that he has changed his strategy recently to attack Trump because he believes the billionaire must be called out. 

"Trump has personally insulted and offended everybody, not on the debate stage last night, but everybody basically he can. I mean, the disabled, you name it. There's no end to his vulgarity," said Rubio, adding that he has consistently tried to talk about policy and issues during the 11 debates. 

Watch the interview above.

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