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Ohio Gov. John Kasich, seen by many as the winner of last night's GOP debate, joined America's Newsroom this morning and said that Mitt Romney's impassioned anti-Trump address was "over the top."

"I don't believe you beat Donald Trump by smearing him. I think you have to have a bigger vision," said Kasich, acknowledging that Romney said some things on policy that were "exactly right."

The governor said people across the country feel "totally ripped off by the system," but want solutions and hope for how it can be fixed. 

He argued that attacks on Trump will only make his supporters angry and more determined to support him. 

Kasich pointed out that in Frank Luntz's focus group after the debate, some voters switched from Trump to his side.

Earlier in the interview, Kasich said that he remains confident he can win Ohio's 66 delegates on March 15.

Kasich said he expects to do "alright" in Michigan on Tuesday, but guaranteed he will beat Trump in his home state. 

"I will be the nominee," said Kasich, predicting that the "adult in the room" will be selected at the GOP convention. 

Watch the interview above and hear more from Gov. Kasich on "Hannity," tonight at 10:00pm ET.

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