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Trump: Romney 'Would've Dropped to Knees,' Begged for Endorsement

Mitt Romney explained to Neil Cavuto today that he's attacking Donald Trump because he just can't sit back and watch the Republican presidential front-runner's "outrageous" behavior any longer.

"I don't think a lot of people understand who the real Donald Trump is," Romney said.

He pointed out that Trump has given money to Democratic politicians many times over the years, in addition to the fact that his business record isn't as pristine as the billionaire often claims.

He added that Trump's personal attacks and vulgarities are very un-presidential.

Romney said that if another GOP candidate fails to win the nomination outright, then he would like to see the decision made at a brokered Republican National Convention.

"I'm not going to support Donald Trump as the candidate for president of the United States," Romney stated, doubling down that he will not vote for Trump even if he wins the GOP nomination.

"I cannot in good conscience vote for a person who has been as degrading and disruptive and unhinged as I've seen Donald be."

Watch the "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" interview above.

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