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Trump: Romney 'Would've Dropped to Knees,' Begged for Endorsement

Charles Krauthammer reacted to the Fox News GOP debate on "The Kelly File" tonight.

"It was a complete assault on Trump - from left and right, from Cruz and Rubio - that scored, I thought, a lot of points," Krauthammer said.

He added, however, that similar attacks in the past have not affected Trump or his support.

Krauthammer explained that those inclined to support Trump won't think any less of him after the debate, while those who are less inclined to support Trump may think twice about jumping on the bandwagon.

As for the night's big winner, Krauthammer said that John Kasich came off very well simply by not getting involved in the mudslinging.

"To play the grown up and to play the unifier, he might have had the biggest advantage out of tonight."

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