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A motorcyclist blazing down a roadway in Fresno was lucky to get pulled over by the coolest cop around.

"I've been in a good mood so far," the cop tells the 25-year-old rider identified as Zach. "Please slow down."

"You got it," Zach replies. "Will do."

"I know it's a nice day," the officer says.

Before they part ways, the cop puts out his fist for a pound.

Zach told InsideEdition that he posted the video to show that police officers can be nice.

"I wanted to tell him thanks. I want to let him know that he’s a little Internet hero," he said. "It’s so easy for the negatives to outweigh the positive."

The video has racked up more than 300,000 views since it was posted a week ago. Watch it above.

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