Judge Nap: 'Hillary Should Be Terrified That Ex-Staffer Has Immunity'

Trump: Romney 'Would've Dropped to Knees,' Begged for Endorsement

Donald Trump supporter and former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer weighed in on Mitt Romney's attacks on Trump, telling Greta Van Susteren tonight that it's a case of "sour grapes."

She said that in our republic, the voters get to decide, so Romney's anti-Trump crusade is "a little outrageous."

"We're upset, we're frustrated, we're tired of being ignored. We want somebody to go in there and fight for us. And Donald Trump is a fighter," Brewer said.

She said she's disappointed that the GOP establishment has their chosen candidates and doesn't want to let the American people decide.

"I think it's flat-out going to backfire," she said, asserting that this will actually cause more people to switch to Trump's side.

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