Judge Nap: 'Hillary Should Be Terrified That Ex-Staffer Has Immunity'

Trump: Romney 'Would've Dropped to Knees,' Begged for Endorsement

Herman Cain said "On The Record" tonight that Mitt Romney's attack on Donald Trump was a "Hail Mary pass" to help Marco Rubio and the GOP establishment.

Cain pointed out that many of the insults and accusations Romney leveled at Trump came from Rubio's recent talking points.

He explained that the Republican establishment had incorrectly assumed that Trump would flame out, and now they're desperate to stop him.

"They're all trying to bring down Trump," Cain said. "And Mitt Romney has set himself up to be the poster guy for the establishment going against the will of the people."

He asserted that the establishment power brokers believe they are "kingmakers," and they want to select a candidate as opposed to letting the election play out.

"Let the people speak. Let the people vote. That's the way it was intended to be."

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