WATCH: Baby Seems Unfazed After Falling Out of a Moving Car

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Heart-stopping dashcam footage shows a toddler falling out of a van in the midst of a busy freeway in China.

The video shows a 2-year-old boy tumbling out of the car onto the thoroughfare as traffic zooms by.

“Oh my God, there’s a kid, oh my God!” the people driving behind are heard shouting.

Unbelievably, the driver doesn’t notice. The boy is then seen chasing after the van, in his little pink coat.



People in the car behind are heard frantically honking before picking up the crying toddler and chasing down the driver.

We later learn that the man driving was the boy’s grandfather.

He told Chinese network CCTV that his car had been rear-ended a few days before, causing the door’s lock to break.

Thankfully, the boy wasn’t hurt.

Watch the terrifying footage, above.

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