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Krauthammer: It Will Take a 'Major Event' to Stop Trump

Despite the increased attacks from his rivals, Donald Trump came out ahead after the crucial Super Tuesday primaries.

Trump picked up seven more states, while Sen. Ted Cruz won three and Marco Rubio won one. 

The latest delegate count looks like this:

Washington Times columnist Charlie Hurt and Andrea Tantaros said on Outnumbered today that Trump solidified his standing as the frontrunner in the race. 

Hurt noted that Trump didn't win as many votes as some predicted, but he will benefit from all of his rivals staying in the race.

Though Cruz will remain in the race, Hurt said he doesn't see a path to the nomination for the Texas senator. 

Tantaros pointed out that the elites in the GOP establishment are being "embarrassed" by Trump's victories, since it's a rebuke of their policies.

"It's arrogance and every time they call him a KKK supporter a racist, an idiot. ... They are labeling his supporters as racist. It only hurts them and helps him," she said, adding that the nation's founders intended for voters to decide elections, not the "elites." 

"So many people on TV and on Twitter looked like they were covering a funeral not an election. But guess what? They were covering their own funeral."

Watch the discussion above.

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