Romney to Make Major Speech on State of the 2016 Race, GOP

Huckabee Says GOP Must Unite If Trump Wins: 'This Is an Election, Not a Selection'


Some, like Gov. Mike Huckabee, are calling on Republicans to unite behind the eventual nominee even if it turns out to be Donald Trump.

But Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse has refused to support Trump under any circumstances, vowing to back a third-party candidate instead. 

Sasse reiterated that view on The Real Story today, saying that just like Hillary Clinton, Trump is a "dishonest, New York liberal."

Gretchen Carlson asked whether Trump is right to argue that new voters are coming into the Republican Party to support him. 

Sasse said that on the ground in Nebraska, folks can't believe that Trump could be the nominee and tell him they would never vote for him.

"We're the country that put a man on the moon and the only choices that people get are two dishonest New York liberals?" he asked. 

Sasse said he believes the American people deserve a better choice and that he "suspects" a third candidate will enter the race if it comes down to Trump and Clinton.

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