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Two arrests have been made after several chilling incidents in which mannequins - designed to look like police officers - were found hanging in effigy. 

The discoveries were made in San Bernardino County, where a terror attack occurred at an office complex last December. 

Deputies in Twin Peaks last month discovered a mannequin hanging on the roadside “by a rope,” according to an official report.

That doll had “the name of a Deputy Sheriff and a bullseye type target painted on it.”

Another was later found near a school bus stop.

The report continues:

"A total of seven mannequins were located ... Six of the mannequins had the names of current and past Twin Peaks Deputies, and the last had a Probation Officer’s name.

All had bullseye targets painted below their names."

Authorities so far have been able to track down two suspects, 36-year-old Sarah Stewart and 47-year-old Erin Elder.


Both were seen loading mannequins into a U-Haul the night of the incident, officials say.

The Los Angeles Times reports they were arrested on several charges, including suspicion of making criminal threats against an officer and suspicion of cruelty to a child.

Stewart reportedly has a background of criminal history and has been linked to “white supremacist gang members.”

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing and they believe three to four other suspects were involved. They are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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