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Sen. Marco Rubio vowed that he'll make a comeback in the next few weeks in his home state of Florida as he continues to "expose" Donald Trump. 

Rubio got into the win column last night in Minnesota, but Trump picked up seven more states, while Sen. Ted Cruz won three. 

The Florida senator told Martha MacCallum this morning that he expected Trump to have been "exposed" by the media and others months ago, but it didn't happen. 

Rubio pointed out that he was trailing Trump by more than 25 points in Virginia in recent weeks, but he managed to close that margin to just a few points last night.

"He underperformed in virtually every state on the map," said Rubio.

He added that Cruz was supposed to sweep the South, but it didn't happen and now the map looks much more favorable for him. 

"If was anybody else as a frontrunner, there would be people right now saying let's rally around the frontrunner. On the contrary, what you're hearing now is: how do we prevent the party of Reagan and Lincoln from being taken over by someone who for days refused to condemn the Ku Klux Klan and someone who quite frankly is carrying out the most elaborate con job we've ever seen in politics? And as it's being exposed, I think you're starting to see him run into headwinds," he argued.

Though Trump leads by as much as 20 points in some recent Florida polls, Rubio said he feels optimistic that he can win enough delegates in the remaining states. 

He agreed that he absolutely must win in Florida on March 15 and disputed that he's really 20 points behind Trump. 

"It's gonna be close but we know how to win in Florida and we will," said Rubio.

Watch the America's Newsroom interview above.

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