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On "Hannity" tonight, Pat Buchanan said that Marco Rubio has volunteered to be "the instrument of destruction" in taking on insurgent Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

He explained that Rubio will never be the GOP nominee - especially after alienating Trump supporters with his recent attacks - but he is attracting attention and media coverage that he wouldn't otherwise get.

"This is not a general election strategy. It's not even a good nomination strategy. It is a good strategy if the objective of you and your supporters is to bring down Trump no matter how you have to do it," Buchanan said.

He explained that there are many in the GOP, the media and the American public who want to see Trump taken down.

Sean Hannity asserted that Rubio's attacks on Trump are orchestrated, well-funded and well-organized.

Buchanan agreed and said this strategy might help Rubio in the short run, but in the long run it could "terminate his political career."

He concluded that the Republicans can win the 2016 race, but only if they unite behind Trump.

"If you drive these Trump people off from the party - who are coming in - the party is gone. And I don't know why it shouldn't be."

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