Everything You Need to Know About Thursday's Fox News GOP Debate

Trump Says He's a 'Unifier' Who's Expanding GOP, Vows to Focus on Hillary

Melania Trump went "On the Record" tonight in her first Fox News interview.

The prospective first lady told Greta that she has no problems sharing her opinions with her husband, describing herself not as a "yes person," but "yes or no."

"If I don't agree with something, I will tell him," she said. "I would not say 'Oh, maybe he should not hear it.' I'm telling him."

She said that she doesn't let negative comments get to her, saying she has "thick skin" and it just comes with the territory of running for office.

"Only I have my story," Melania said. "I know the truth. And I have thick skin and I know it will be part of the campaign."

Watch Greta's interview in the clips above and below.

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