Everything You Need to Know About Thursday's Fox News GOP Debate

Trump Says He's a 'Unifier' Who's Expanding GOP, Vows to Focus on Hillary

Melania Trump went "On the Record" tonight for her first Fox News interview.

The prospective first lady told Greta Van Susteren that her husband doesn't sleep much because he's so excited about his campaign.

"He knows what he can do for America," the former model said. "He knows what America can be. And he's an amazing negotiator, leader, communicator. He's the only one who could bring America to the next level."

She called Trump's decision to run a "selfless act," saying that he gave up a comfortable future with his family so that he could lead his country.

"He sees what potential America has and he wants to help. He wants to take his mind and put it for American people."

The watch and jewelry designer said that she has disagreements with her husband, but they never argue or fight.

“We don’t have fights. We disagree but that’s OK. That’s very good in the relationship. I’m with my own brains, he’s with his own brains. … I tell him my way and he accepts that, and I tell him what I think and he’s the same. He thinks what he thinks.”

She said that Trump treats everybody equally, man or woman.

“He will tell you what's in his heart, and he will tell you what he thinks,” she said. “He doesn't hold back and he's real. He's a real person.”

She suggested that some of the negative attention Trump gets may be because he's an “outsider.”

“He’s not part of Washington. He speaks his mind. He doesn’t sweep under the rug…He’s not into just talking. He’s a doer, he gets the thing done.”

She said that she never gets nervous for her husband during the Republican debates.

“I know him. I know he will be tough and smart and he’s quick on his feet, in his mind he’s very quick. I just think, ‘Do well. Be who you are.’”

She said that if she could think of one word to describe him, it would be “leader.”

Watch Greta's wide-ranging interview in the clips above and below.

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