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On Sunday, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions became the first senator to endorse Donald Trump for president.

Today on "Fox and Friends," he said he's rallying behind Trump because the GOP billionaire has focused on two of the big issues that are hurting American workers -- immigration and trade.

He said that working Americans want to see a lawful system of immigration, as well as a trade policy that protects American manufacturing jobs.

"I think Trump is resonating with both of those issues, because it's a pocketbook issue, and it brings in new people to the Republican party," Sessions said.

He said that he thinks the Republicans will be in strong position in November, but they've got to continue to appeal to working Americans.

"Right now, Trump has the clearer message," he said.

Sessions said it's important that Trump stays on a message of unifying the Republican party so that it may strengthen and grow into a "diverse and bigger party."

“He's got to continue that message and it's an important message and I think he can. We'll just see how it plays out.”

Watch the interview above.

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