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Mike Huckabee challenged the Republican Party to unite behind Donald Trump if the billionaire keeps winning states.

Trump won seven states on Super Tuesday, compared to three for Ted Cruz and one for Marco Rubio. He now has a big lead in the delegate count. 

Huckabee, whose daughter works on the Trump campaign, said that he will not endorse a candidate during the primaries.

But he said that it's not the job of the so-called establishment to decide who the nominee will be. 

"We have an election process, not a selection process," he said, arguing that if party bosses are going to decide the nominee in a locked room then the primaries and caucuses are a waste of time.

The former Arkansas governor said no matter who ends up on top after the remaining primaries, the party must come together and respect the choice of the American people.

"Don't pretend that somehow all these voters who have voted for [Trump] are stupid. They're not stupid. They are angry at the very establishment who is going nuts because Donald Trump is doing so well. They don't get it. They are the problem," said the former presidential candidate.

Watch the interview above.

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