The 'Bad Lip Reading' of the Dem Debate Will Leave You in Stitches

WATCH: Everyone's Cracking Up Over the 'Bad Lip Reading' of the GOP Debate

NFL 'Bad Lip Reading' Video Is Here and It's Totally Hilarious

Recently, the presidential debates and the NFL have been on the receiving end of the Bad Lip Reading treatment. Now, it's Ted Cruz's turn.

Created from various campaign videos and hours of unedited footage that the Cruz campaign posted online for Super PACs to use, the hilarious video shows the Texas senator in a whole new light.

Highlights include Cruz declaring that he loves to twerk, he passes the time by lighting cabins on fire and he believes America is like a pork pie.

Cruz's wife, Heidi, even declares at one point that her husband loves to eat human hair.

Watch the hilarious Bad Lip Reading video above.

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