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Touching Photos Show the Incredible Bond Between a Boy and His Service Dog

It’s a way to keep our airports safe, and it’s not the TSA.

He’s an 8-year-old border collie named Piper, and possibly the Cherry Capital Airport’s cutest-ever member.


Piper joined the Traverse City, Michigan team this past year, and serves as a “wildlife control canine,” said his handler, Brian Edwards.

The K-9 performs “regular routine patrol” to make sure that birds and other animals aren’t out on the runway, Edwards explained.

He also helps clear any reported wildlife that’s flagged by airport control.



Edwards said that what he gets asked most about is Piper’s gear.

The dog hits the runway with earmuffs, a donated protective vest, and reflective glasses they call “rex specs.”

Airport K-9 Piper. (

Airport K-9 Piper. (

“He really gets into his zone,” said Edwards.

“When I pick up the radio to talk to the control tower, he’ll start whining because he knows he’s gonna get to do something.”

Learn more about this adorable dog, above.

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