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Fox News projected Donald Trump the winner of Virginia, with Marco Rubio finishing a close second.

UPDATE 8:23pm

With projected wins in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, on top of last week's South Carolina, Donald Trump is strengthening his grip on the Southeast.

Trump also claimed victory in Massachusetts, which Hemmer says, combined with his victory in New Hampshire a month ago, adds to Trump's argument he can win in the Northeast.

Bill Hemmer also described how the race is shaping up in Virginia, where Trump commands all but the counties just outside of Washington, DC.

UPDATE 7:27pm

Bill Hemmer showed the latest information from today's Super Tuesday's primaries on the "Bill Board." Donald Trump has picked up three counties in Virginia so far, and is the projected winner in Georgia.

Hemmer also previewed the races in Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Alabama, where the polls are about to close.

At the end of the segment, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier teased Hemmer over his pronunciation of "Alabama."

Less than 30 minutes before the first polls closed in today's Super Tuesday primaries, Bill Hemmer broke down some of the key contests happening this evening.

Hemmer said that the the most important contests are happening in Texas, Georgia and Tennessee. Texas holds a whopping 155 delegates. Next is Georgia with 76 delegates at stake, followed by Tennessee with 58.

Hemmer also explained the sharp divide between Republican establishment and evangelical counties within Virginia. He said that Sen. Marco Rubio needs to win the counties outside Washington, DC if he's to have a good night.

Watch the clip above.

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