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On "Your World" today, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he's supporting Ted Cruz in the 2016 race because America needs a "consistent conservative."

Perry said that he thinks Cruz is going to have a strong Super Tuesday showing, particularly with voters in his home state of Texas.

"They know that when they chose him to go to the United States Senate, he said he was going to go up there and turn Washington on its ear, he was going to do everything he could to defund, to get rid of ObamaCare, and he did exactly what he said he would do," Perry explained.

Perry said that Cruz's message of being a "consistent conservative" will resound with Texas voters and voters across the country.

"We need somebody that we know is going to be consistent," Perry stated.

What about Donald Trump's assertion that Cruz is not trustworthy? Cavuto asked.

Perry disagreed and said the Republican front-runner is merely throwing invectives, which is what he's based his whole campaign on.

"The fact is [Cruz] is a committed conservative who is probably the most consistent conservative of any of the three [GOP candidates] who have a chance at getting our nomination."

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