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Following a tough Super Tuesday in which he didn't win any states besides Minnesota, Marco Rubio vowed to continue his presidential campaign.

Rubio told Bret Baier that, unlike Ted Cruz, he never claimed that Super Tuesday was going to be the "big night" for his campaign.

Despite that, Rubio said, he still had a strong showing and would have performed even better if other Republican candidates didn't take votes away from him.

Megyn Kelly pointed out that not only has he won fewer states than both Cruz and Donald Trump, he's trailing Trump by more than 20 points in his home state of Florida.

Rubio said he doesn't believe that number is accurate. He added that he was trailing Trump by more than 25 points in Virginia days ago and managed to close that margin to several points.

"When we get to the winner-take-all state of this election, those states are good for us and what we're fighting for," Rubio said. "And that's when we're really going to take off and get to 1,237 [delegates]."

If you lose Florida, will you drop out of the race? Bret pressed.

"I will campaign in all 50 states, even if I have to get in my pick-up truck and drive all over this country," Rubio said. "We'll do whatever it takes to prevent a con artist like Donald Trump from ever being the Republican nominee."

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