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A young girl battling brain cancer in Kansas City used her Make-a-Wish to inspire a huge effort to make her city's parks more safe and beautiful.

A manager with the Make-a-Wish Foundation said Amelia Meyer could have wished for anything, but the eight-year-old said she wanted to clean up four parks.

"She could've wished to go to Disney, she could've wished to go on a cruise or go to Europe, and her wish was to take care of the world for the day," Haw said. "I just can't tell you how much I wish other children would be this much of an inspiration."

The city police and fire department, mayor, a soccer team and hundreds of volunteers turned out for the effort, helping Amelia pick up trash at Swope Park and other parks in the city.

“I thought there was just going to be some people, not this much,” Amelia said.

The hashtag #AmeliasWish let people share moments from the event on social media and encourage others to get involved in the city and beyond.

Mayor Sly James read a proclamation, naming February 27, 2016 “Amelia Meyer’s Take Care Of The World Day.”

Amelia's mother Jill was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

"With all of the excitement that's been around this wish and getting people involved and getting the word out there, it's helped us forget for a little bit," she said. "We didn't think it would go like this. We were hoping for 30 people at Swope Park picking up trash. It's a very, very hard time for us but to see this that this came out of that. My level of gratitude is unbelievable. My kid is so happy today and that's what it's about and that just thrills me beyond words."

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