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With the results of Super Tuesday voting set to be coming in shortly, Martha MacCallum shared some of the interesting results from a Fox News exit poll of voters in nine states.

MacCallum revealed that Republican primary voters are being driven by the desire for the next president to be a political outsider and by anger with the federal government.

In fact, 50 percent or more of those polled in Georgia, Massachusetts and Virginia said they are looking for a political outsider to be the GOP nominee, which could be good news for Donald Trump.

Interestingly, more than four in ten voters in Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia would be dissatisfied if Trump wins the Republican nomination.

The exit poll also showed that many "late deciders" appear to be breaking for Marco Rubio in Virginia, Oklahoma and Georgia.

Meantime, Ted Cruz has strengthened his lead with self-identified "very conservative voters," according to the poll.

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