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Donald Trump addressed supporters after a string of wins in the Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

“This has been an amazing evening," he said. "Already we’ve won five major states.”

At the time Trump spoke, he had picked up wins in Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts and Tennessee, but he could win four more before the night was through.

Trump congratulated Sen. Ted Cruz on winning in Texas, saying the senator worked hard.

He then took a shot at Hillary Clinton, saying she's been around so long that if she hasn't been able to fix America's problems, she can't now.

""Make America Great Again' is going to be much better than 'Make America Whole Again,'" referring to a line Clinton has been using on the campaign trail recently.

He also called Sen. Marco Rubio a lightweight and said donors "who want their little senator to do what they want" will pump millions into his campaign.

Trump also took some questions from reporters.

When asked if he can unite the party, Trump says he has expanded the Republican Party and says he is a unifier who will focus entirely on Hillary Clinton.

“I’m a unifier,” Trump said. “Once we get all of this finished, I’m going after one person and that’s Hillary Clinton, on the assumption she’s allowed to run.”

“Our party is expanding and all you have to do is take a look at the primary states where I’ve won,” he said. “We’ve gone from one number to a much larger number. That hasn’t happened to the Republican Party in many, many decades. So I think we’re going to be more inclusive, more unified and a much bigger party and I think we’re going to win in November.”

He says only Cruz has a shot of beating Clinton as he's won "a little bit."

When asked if he's a conservative, Trump says he's more conservative than anyone on the border, on the VA, on common core.

Watch a clip of the speech above.

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