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As the Super Tuesday results continue to come in, Ted Cruz supporter Dana Loesch explained why she can't commit to getting behind Republican front-runner Donald Trump if Trump secures the GOP nomination.

She said she understands that many voters are angry with the direction of the country, but she hopes that they won't vote just "to burn it all down."

"You have to realize that we're going to be caught in those flames too," Loesch said.

Could you get behind Trump or Marco Rubio if Cruz doesn't get the nomination? Megyn Kelly asked.

Loesch said she could get behind Rubio, but she has reservations about how Trump has changed his policy positions over the years.

"I would love it if he was the second coming of Reagan," Loesch said. "I want this country to do well. I'm not doing this out of pettiness or for any other reason, but I do have a genuine concern."

She said that she simply believes Cruz has been much more consistent on his support of the Second Amendment and his opposition to abortion.

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