The Internet Is Fiercely Divided Over the Colors of This Dress

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Here we go again.

Last year, the world debated whether this dress was blue and black, or white and gold.


Now - almost exactly a year later - the same argument about this Adidas jacket is breaking out.


Mariam Kabba, who owns the jacket, wore it on Fox and Friends this morning to settle the question.


The Internet sensation started after Mariam and her friend Nina Penzo argued over whether the jacket was black and brown or blue and white, they explained.

“So I was like, ‘okay, you ask your Twitter and I’ll ask my Tumblr.’ In less than 20 minutes, it just blew up,” said Nina.

The photo on Tumblr has now been shared more than 46,000 times, and celebrities from Kylie Jenner to YouTube star Ricky Dillon have even chimed in to share what they see.

“I was freaking out,” said Mariam.

“We had no idea that it was one year [since the dress].”

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