WATCH: Trump Uses Water Bottle to Mock Rubio's 2013 Speech Moment

Rubio: 'Political Con Man' Trump Has Been Exploiting Working Americans for Years

Katie Pavlich said this morning on America's Newsroom that it's embarrassing to watch the intensely personal attacks in the Republican presidential race.

Donald Trump has been bashing Marco Rubio as a "choker" and a "lightweight," while labeling him as "little Marco."

Rubio has repeatedly called Trump out as a political con man in the last few days and then over the weekend joked about the size of Trump's hands.  

Meanwhile, Cruz went after Trump Sunday morning by suggesting that he has had ties to the Mafia.

Martha MacCallum discussed the increasingly uncivil attacks with Katie Pavlich and Mary Anne Marsh.

Pavlich said Rubio should not be going after Trump's physical appearance, even though Trump has been doing that throughout his campaign.

She argued that Trump's supporters aren't going to be swayed at this point and that Rubio is "degrading his character" with these personal attacks.

"If you're an independent voter or someone outside of the country looking to the United States for leadership, you're seeing an embarrassing display. ... It really is just such a degrading of the office of the presidency," she said.

Pavlich said Cruz's allegations about Trump and the mob are "substantive" because those connections have been made in the past.

Marsh said Rubio and Cruz are now just throwing "Hail Mary passes" and that neither realistically can win enough of the remaining states to pull ahead of Trump.

"The only other option is that the Republican Party changes its rules or forces Trump out. That's not gonna happen and if it does, there will be an insurrection," said Marsh. 

She said Cruz and Rubio are trying to "be Trump" in order to take him down, but neither "achieved the standing with voters to be believed."

Watch the discussion above.

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