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“Just keep faith and give glory to God.”

That’s the powerful message of a freed Christian pastor who spent years in an Iranian prison, not knowing whether he’d ever be released.

Pastor Saeed Abedini joined America’s Newsroom to speak out about his time in captivity and return to the United States last month.

“I prayed 100 hours in prison for our beautiful country America,” he said.

The pastor told Martha that authorities repeatedly accused him of having "a plan to remove government" because of his Christian beliefs.

Abedini also opened up about the first time he saw Amir Hekmati, the former Marine who was also held and tortured in Iran.

He says seeing the veteran made him break down into tears.

“He was so broken. They tortured him a lot,” he recounted.

“I saw how much they really hate us – hate Americans, hate Christians. We know I came there to love them, to help the orphans and just give the message of hope and love to people.

But they’re very prejudiced. They think … we are Satan.”

Pastor Abedini says he is planning to document his journey in a memoir, and will continue his work helping churches in America.

Watch the pastor’s full interview, above.

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