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Sen. Ted Cruz called out Donald Trump for being a "deal-maker", and for supporting the lawmakers behind the Gang of Eight immigration reform proposal. 

Cruz told Sean that Trump is a "loud voice" and that his supporters view him as a "vessel" for the anger they have for Washington.

"But the truth is that Trump embodies everything that they're angry about," he said.

Cruz said that Trump is a "deal-maker," which will lead to more bad deals with Democrats.

"The problem with Republicans in Washington isn't that they've been unwilling to make deals with Democrats," he said. "The problem is Republicans make deals with the Democrats every day, and Donald Trump is promising more of the same."

Cruz also claimed that Trump gave over $50,000 to five members of the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill, which Cruz termed the "Rubio-Schumer amnesty bill."

The Texas senator said that should discredit Trump on the issue of border security.

"You don't get to support pro-amnesty Democrats for 40 years and then suddenly wake up and decide you're for securing the border."

Watch the clip above.

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