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Conservative writer Ben Shapiro's speech at California State University-Los Angeles was interrupted on Monday when protesters crashed the event.

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the university's student union to its capacity to block the doors to the theater where Shapiro was scheduled to give his presentation “When Diversity Becomes a Problem.”

On "The Kelly File," Shapiro said that this incident is another example of "the fascist left at work."

He said that students who wanted to hear his speech were physically and verbally assaulted by the protesters, simply for being interested in a different viewpoint.

"This is a blatant violation of free speech principles," Shapiro said. "More than that, it's just more evidence that there is a movement within the left - a very hardcore, fascist movement within the left - to shut down speech that they disagree with."

Later on the show, Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the incident, saying that Shapiro could have a viable lawsuit against the public university because his free speech rights were violated.

"The evidence that he was silenced because of the content of his speech is overwhelming," Napolitano said.

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