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12 states, roughly 600 delegates. It's enough to make your head spin!

Bill Hemmer stopped by The Real Story this afternoon to explain the Super Tuesday map. 

March 1st has also been referred to as the "SEC" primaries, since voters will be going to the polls across the South, including in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee.

Texas is the biggest prize, with 155 delegates up for grabs. They will be handed out proportionally, in contrast to a state like Florida, which votes on March 15 in a winner-take-all primary with 99 delegates on the line. 

Texas has been billed as a must-win for homestate Sen. Ted Cruz, while polls indicate that Trump could win almost every state tomorrow.

Hemmer explained that the goal for the other candidates will be to prevent Trump from taking too many of the delegates before the winner-take-all states vote in the coming weeks and months. 

Since all of the Super Tuesday states are proportional, the losing candidates can still increase their delegate counts even if Trump garners the most votes.

Watch the full explanation above.

Don't miss a minute of the Super Tuesday coverage on Fox News, starting tomorrow at 6:00pm ET - hosted by Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly. And Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum will take you inside the numbers and delve into the exit polls. 

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