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Ted Cruz defended his presidential campaign today against accusations of “dirty tricks.”

The Texas senator was asked on Fox News Sunday to respond to the controversy of recent incidents involving his campaign.

Cruz recently dismissed a top campaign staffer after a false Marco Rubio video surfaced online, and he has previously apologized to Dr. Ben Carson over statements made to voters in Iowa.

“Our campaign from the beginning has been the highest level of integrity when others have engaged in personal attacks and insults," Cruz said.

He suggested that the accusations had come from a “Donald Trump attack file,” and said that the billionaire businessman was not pressed on making statements “he knew to be false.”

“The facts matter,” said Cruz.

“I understand that there are folks that don’t want to focus on the facts, but listen, the voters care about the truth. They care about Donald Trump’s record.”

Cruz also explained his strategy beyond Super Tuesday, and named who his pick would be for the next Supreme Court Justice.

Watch the full interview, above.

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