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“This is the Lyft driver that you don’t want.”

That’s what one Washington D.C. passenger says in a disturbing new video that’s circulating online after purportedly showing a Lyft driver refusing to let her out of the car.

It’s clear when the footage begins that Desiree Taylor and her driver are having some kind of argument.

She later told ABC News that her driver, apparently named Brian, had refused to make a second stop on her shared ride with a friend.

Taylor described how her friend had gotten out a few blocks before his apartment before Brian refused to take her home.

The driver is seen silently starting the car again while the backseat passenger door is still open.

“Are you serious?!” Taylor is heard shouting.

 “You’re not taking me to my destination. What are you doing?”

The Lyft employee continues to drive onto a busy street as the door remains open.

“The door is still open because I’m trying to get out and he won’t stop,” says Taylor.

“Can you stop?!”

Minutes later, Taylor is finally let out at a stop sign.

Lyft has said that they are "extremely troubled to learn about this incident" and that the driver has been “permanently removed."

Watch more, above.

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