10 Times We Were Reminded to Salute Police Officers

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Profanity. Threats of violence. Frantic foot chases.

A moving video released by the Tampa Police Department in Florida is showing us what officers really go through every single day.

The footage – filmed with cops’ body cameras – shows everything from helping an elderly lady into her wheelchair to capturing escaped wild animals to confronting robbers on the run.

"It’s kind of like riding shotgun with an officer," police say. "We see people at their best, but more often, at their worst."

The clip also exposes how often police officers are under attack.

Twenty percent of Tampa’s 1,000 police officers were assaulted in the line of duty in 2014, the video states.

Police say no one who works in law enforcement would be surprised at that statistic, though the public might be.

“Oftentimes, the officers go throughout their day, and we only see the negative on the news,” Police Chief Eric Ward said on Fox and Friends Weekend.

“An officer goes from changing someone’s tire to helping them cross the street. And in a split second, they’re in the middle of a gunfight, or a situation that could potentially take their life.

So it’s important that the community understands that their officers go out there every day to protect their city, regardless of what they encounter on a regular basis.”

Watch Chief Ward's full interview, below.

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